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SAT Prep

M & M Fast Track is your best option for SAT Prep. 

  -Pricing is competitive.

-One on one instruction.

-Instruction is ongoing. 

Test Dates:  

March 10, 2018 – Register by February 9, 2018

• May 5, 2018 – Register by April 6, 2018

• June 2, 2018 – Register by May 3, 2018

Prep Classes: SAT Prep is different at M & M because we have changed our classes to one on one instruction. In understanding that all circumstances are different, we would offer a class for two or three students coming in together such as siblings or friends. Because we are small, we are flexible. We are able to meet the needs of individuals because we really care about students.  

       Our original program coordinator grew up in Kenmore, NY, where he graduated as Valedictorian of his high school class at St. Joe's. He then went on to Harvard, where he received his BA in Physics with Honors and a Master's degree in Chinese Studies. He has over 20 years’ experience teaching and tutoring students at all levels of age and abilities. He formulated a great strategy for us and of course, we present the subject matter necessary to prepare for the Exam. His input into this prep class has been invaluable and truly makes the instruction unique.                

       At M & M FastTrack, we have followed this procedure for over ten years and have helped students get the scores needed not only for college admittance but also for numerous scholarships. With the new SAT format that began last year, we are prepared to assist students get a feel for the format and all of the material necessary to get the best scores. Because of our flexibility, we are able to schedule times that fit your schedule.    

The best way to take any test is to walk in with no surprises!

Call now 716 870-4392   

Program Coordinator: Kelly Hart 

Extensive and ongoing research has perfected our course outline. At Fast Track, we believe in:

  • Preparing early
  • Continued preparation
  • Rigorous strategy that involves work at home
  • Aggressive attention to vocabulary, math, and reading strategy

We are not going to waste your time and money having your child sit in a group and read passages. 

    Most students are already on their way to success! Our goal is to help them get there in the very limited time they have. We are willing to work with students on their time and schedule. 

Classes are 2 hours and you can schedule as many classes as you feel necessary.

    This is about as much time as a high school student can bear without getting totally bored. It doesn't matter how motivated they are, they do get bored and once boredom sets in, there is no motivation or comprehending material. We recommend this course for first-time takers so that the exam becomes familiar to them. Most students do retake, and scores do improve. Honestly speaking, even without further prep, most students will improve on the second try.

        Seniors who have already taken the SAT and wish to improve their scores are advised to opt for one-on-one instruction. Scores can let us know where weaknesses lie and what needs attention. Our students are amazed when they see how much easier it is to answer questions using our strategy. They gain the confidence they need to go in and up those scores! 

Our instructors are available to answer questions while the students are further preparing at home.

     The best results come from 4-hours of prep to walk in with confidence and then prep for the re-take to address weaknesses. We are confident that your child will benefit from working with our excellent teachers. We provide flexibility on prep dates and we are always available at your convenience.

Call for rates and individual appointments.

(716) 870-4392

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