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October 3, 2011  

Dear Parents,            

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of fall! We will begin this month exploring the new season. Math will include sorting fall objects by their attributes, sequencing of changing fall trees, and leaf sorting. We’re planning a leaf hunt to collect leaves for a couple of upcoming art projects. As we near Halloween we will turn our focus to the holiday. Expect some spider webs and pumpkins to be making their way to your home! We will be counting and sorting spiders, pumpkin seeds, and pumpkins. Our stories will also revolve around the season and holiday.            

We will continue to focus on recognizing and writing our letters. Each child is still invited to bring in a show-n-tell object that starts with the letter for the week. Every child is creating his/her own alphabet book that will be sent home once we finish going through the alphabet (this spring). Our letters this month are:October 3 and 5: BbOctober 12 and 17: Cc (No School October 10)October 19 and 24: DdOctober 26 (and November 2): Ee (Halloween Party October 31)  

You are invited to our Halloween Party on October 31, from 9:30-11:00. We will begin by trick-or-treating throughout the building. Afterwards we will come back to the classroom for some cider and doughnuts, as well as some Halloween games and activities. Please have your child arrive at school dressed in his/her costume so that we can begin trick-or-treating first thing! We hope to see you there. 


Jenna Driver

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