News and Updates:

  • We have reviewed our preparation for SAT Prep and have come to the conclusion that full classes for prep are not the best option for getting the best grade on the test.  The decision to change comes from knowing that students respond better, learn and retain more and are much better able to focus on material when the instruction is one on one.  If your child's school offers a full class and it is inexpensive or free, take it, it will not hurt!  When you and your child have decided to focus on individual needs then we ask that you call us.  We can help!  We will cover all of the material on the test if that is the need or we will just focus on areas that need attention and instruction. 

  • Start the new year off right! Let us help you with your homework.

  • Visit our Facebook page to see photos of our tutors in action and read reviews written by students and parents.

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